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Recommended on Instagram

Have you been looking for some new voices to follow on Instagram? The following recommendations are in no particular order.

If you have some recommendations we'd love to hear from you. Email us and we'll include them in our next roundup.

On Canada Project :: social enterprise giving Millennials & Gen Z the info needed to compassionately disrupt the status quo. Est 2020

Inclusive Canada :: Creating opportunities for our people and providing education for the masses. Volunteer-led. Created by WOC. Treaty 7 & Syilx Unceded Territory

Decenter the Teacher :: Resources for white teachers to center the emotional well-being of students and challenge white supremacy in education.

School Wellness Collective for Leaders in Schools :: Mental Health in Education. Equity IS Wellness. 1st Gen. 🇨🇦 4th Gen. S. Asian 🇮🇳 Educator 🍎 Toronto

Inclusive Storytime :: Raising readers who raise up others

Relentless Indigenous Woman :: Indigenous Education, Advocacy & Feminism

CBC Being Black in Canada :: A window into the celebration and struggles of Canada’s Black community.

CBC Indigenous :: Media, news company

Seeding Sovereignty :: A multi lens community organization acting in kinship and building together.⁣

Multicultural Classroom :: We are here to support teachers in developing an ABAR approach. You belong in our classroom.

teachandtransform :: Liz Sohyeon Kleinrock, ABAR educator in progress. Author of “Start Here Start Now.” TED talker.

Vintage Black Canada :: A Multidisciplinary Creative Initiative Documenting the Transnational Modern History of the African Diaspora in Canada.

Anit-Defamation League :: To stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and secure justice and fair treatment to all.

The Aunties Dandelion :: Revitalizing community through stories of land, language and relationships.

Sandy Hudson ::

LiberatED SEL :: A liberatory approach to SEL, racial justice, and healing. A movement. A collective. A path toward liberation.

decolonizemyself :: 2Spirit. Cree. Treaty 4. First Nations Personal journey. Exploring colonization, decolonization, healing, & culture.

Ontario Black History Society :: The Ontario Black History Society is a Canadian charity dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of Black history and heritage

KoJo Institute :: Kojo Institute is a leader in equity consulting directing organizations towards a truly equitable culture (Ontario).

Paul Gorski :: fluff-free equity and justice | equity literacy institute | new father | author | mangos and sweet plantains please

UNILEARNAL :: Created & operated by Black youth. Home of: 28 Moments of Black Canadian History

Educating While Black :: #ewbpod is a podcast, hosted by @supermahrio for Black educators to share, without restriction, their stories and experiences.

The Wells Collective, LLC :: Six Black women diversity practitioners who believe in the power of sisterhood

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