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Podcast Recommendation: eRACED Episode 20 - The Power of Affinity Groups

eRACED Podcast - March 25, 2021 (31:39 mins)

Hosts: Lisa Johnson and Collette Bowers Zinn

Guest: Rosetta Lee

I first encountered this week's eRACED podcast guest, Rosetta Lee, at a conference in 2015. I attended a workshop she facilitated about Microaggressions and earned a lot in that session. She not only talked about and gave examples of microaggressions and their cumulative impact, but she also gave participants the opportunity to practice responding to microaggressions. She coached us on how to respond if we we experienced or witnessed microaggressions, and on how to respond if we were called in for doing or saying something that was a microaggression. It was a useful exercise to practice being in both roles.

Rosetta Lee is well known for her work developing and advocating for affinity spaces. This podcast episode goes into why affinity spaces are important for students, and how schools can start building affinity spaces. In conversation with Lisa Johnson and Collette Bowers Zinn she explores what affinity spaces can look like, and about the "Four Ps" that affinity spaces provide: pride, protection, preparation, practice.

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