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Top 10: Blog Posts from 2021

We wrote more than 35 blog posts this year.

Below is a list of the Top 5 that we thought should have gotten more traction, and also the Top 5 that did get a lot of traffic.


#1: Highly recommended - white supremacy and violence beyond the bullets. A quick take on what each of us found powerful about Akailah Jenkins McIntyre's article about white supremacy.

#2: Top 10 - How to Facilitate an Affinity Group. As an educational professional running an affinity group for students, here are some tips for being effective in the role.

#3: Fun Summer Reads and More. Some fun summer reading, viewing, and listening recommendations.

#4: Affinity Groups are Like Teams. Educator and endurance runner May Lu took time to answer the question: "Are race-based affinity groups divisive?"

#5: Have You Considered Auditing Yourself? How can we use data to achieve social justice goals?


#1 and #2: Difficult Conversations With Students Part 1 and Part 2

#3: Stop Asian Hate - This week has been another heavy one...

In Conversation: Experiences with Affinity Spaces. Join Aparna, Riisa, Antoinette, and Lindsay as they have a conversation about some affinity spaces they've been part of.

What' the Right Term: BIPOC, POC, PGM? There are so many acronyms connected to race. Is there a right one to use and how is that determined?

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