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Year in Review - Beginnings!

At this time last year Talking Together for Change was still an idea that we were figuring out how to turn into something. Now one year later, as 2022 begins, we can say "we did it!"

Here is 2021 in review:

  • In July we ran two 4-week affinity group sessions.

  • We hosted a number of free sessions for educational professionals

    • Examining Your Place in the World that focused on debriefing current events,

    • Having Difficult Conversations that helped educational professionals reflect on how to prepare for difficult conversations with students and colleagues in light of National Truth and Reconciliation Week,

    • and our kickoff event that introduced people to affinity groups.

  • We ran sessions on the following topics

    • Affinity Spaces 101: learn about the value of affinity spaces and understand how to create affinity spaces that support anti-oppression goals.

    • Affinity Group Facilitator Training: explore the objectives of affinity group work, explore planning considerations, discussion and reflection strategies, facilitation techniques for navigating difficult conversations.

    • Systemic Oppression: understand how oppression operates in Canadian culture. Develop confidence identifying, responding to, and shifting oppressive attitudes, actions, and institutional practices.

    • Conversations with Students: When events take place that get people talking, not everyone in school communities feel prepared to respond in supportive, sensitive, and informed ways to the questions and emotional responses that arise in students. Learn strategies to facilitate difficult discussions and embrace these vital learning opportunities.

  • We wrote more than 35 blog posts. You can read our most popular ones here.

We hope you join us in 2022 as we offer more affinity groups, and more training sessions.

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